HI 🙂 My name is Danielle, but I prefer to be called Dani. I started this entrepreneurial journey in December of 2017. As you may have read/ already know.. my self discovery began with tattooing; harnessing my creativity through creating work for myself and artwork for others. To be honest, I got really lucky with tattooing. It was a skill that came somewhat naturally to me. I was always overly picky and a perfectionist about the things I would create and these are generally valuable traits for a tattooer. I’ve always had an interest in life, the human body, the mind, psychology, nature, esotericism, and the occult. As a highly emotional being I was trying to help myself and become aware of the patterns, energy and unconscious behaviour that is within me. These topics led me to attempt a biology degree, a self study through astrology and a yoga practice. While biology was very interesting to me I knew it wasn’t for me long term and after a couple years I dropped it when tattooing fell into my lap. While in school it was hard for me to find time to dive deeper into topics that intrigued me. But, once I started working for myself it was the natural progression of things. I invested more time into my well being, a western yoga practice, a vegetarian diet, yogic philosophies and soon I found myself taking yoga teacher trainings. I knew there had to be a way to help myself other than medication. Through this path I’ve found choice. I’m forever in the process, over coming resistances, getting stuck and unstuck.. But I’ve found some things that work for me, things that allow me to see it’s MY CHOICE. I don’t have to get so tangled up. As time passes the profundity of yoga becomes more clear and my practice continues to evolve. I want to share my steps along the way with others. In time I want to offer movement classes, yoga and meditation classes and astrology readings on top of my tattooing and artwork ventures. This is not an over night switch. This will slowly take form over the years as I continue my studies but (as a manifesting generator) I felt driven to share what’s in the works. This is why I have shifted things into Dani Creative. It’s in the process of being created!