John Blackmore

When I met Dani, I had no tattoos. One day, we were casually talking about my tattoo ideas and she became enthusiastic about something I put forth and fully supported what I had in mind. She encouraged me to go for it, and I have gotten 5 tattoos from her since. Each time, she has taken generous amounts of input from me and incorporated my ideas into a precise, layered piece with her own flare. I have pristine renditions of nature inked on my skin, as well as a complex mandala that incorporates elements from my birth chart with an underlying message represented in delicate symbolism that is expertly woven into a whole piece—something that has minute details when observed up close while also looking complete from afar. I’m impressed each day with Dani’s range of talents and I confidently recommend her to anyone seeking a service she can provide. Full disclosure, I am her partner and have an emotional bias that teeters into generally favorable perspectives about her…but I give her shit sometimes too! You will be putting yourself in empathetic, professional hands with Dani. 

I can also add that her dedication to her yoga lifestyle and practice is sincere. She undergoes constant inquiry, experiments, and wants to share genuinely helpful tools for people. Which, of course, means she must discover what works for her first. Dani definitely won’t be preaching something she doesn’t practice if she ever has something to say!