Yoga & Meditation


This will be a collection of guided meditations, pranayama, meals and other yogic practices along with a class schedule, and program and workshop options.

You might be wondering why I’ve separated Movement and Yoga. Through time I have come to learn that theres a big difference between what yoga really is and what we’ve culturally appropriated in the west. I feel almost pompous saying that.. as if I know anything at all… But that’s the thing.. I don’t know anything at all and therefore I don’t want to call something Yoga if I’m not certain it is. I’ve spent years focusing on the physical aspects of ”Yoga” and using it for physical benefits. It’s been a great workout.. but after being introduced to classical hatha yoga and kriya yoga and feeling the difference in myself it wouldn’t feel right to teach ”peak pose classes” or do pilates exercises in something I’ve decided to call a yoga class. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a great work out and good for the body.. which is why I will create movement classes! But I will leave it at that. For those looking for something deeper on a spiritual level I will teach from that place as it comes. Until I have taken the classical hatha yoga training there may be very few actual yoga classes offered.